Between First & Second Sleep

IMG_2485FMSBW has released Tamsin Smith’s Between First & Second Sleep with praise from poets, including Matthew Zapruder, Donald Beagle, Beau Beausoleil, Mary Julia Klimenko, and Kevin Killian, who wrote: “…a book to savor with great pleasure. It’s not only a kind of poetry new to me, it’s several kinds, each one impressive in a different way, and yet each style linked to the others by the gifts Smith brings with her onto the page. A love of words, a love of people, both as individuals and en masse, a rare ability to bring philosophy into poetry in an understated and thus all the more powerful way. An exquisite sense of the changes, both profound and wry, that time makes in our lives without ever our noticing them. How does she, I wonder? It is perhaps her greatest gift: to see so clearly the intangible, the invisible essence, what some wise Indians refer to as “aatma.”

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