Tamsin Smith’s colorful offerings boldly reinterpret the Bay Area figurative art tradition, which infused and blended figurative subject matter—including still life, portraits, landscapes and the figure—with the painterly gestural techniques of abstract expressionism, which emphasized process and the vigorous handling of paint, centered in the essentials of medium. A thrilling dialog.

Anthony Torres – Art Curator and Writer


In loose painting, margins are lost and the resulting blurring of paint offers the visual ambiguity that merges both abstraction and shape-oriented realism. Smith is celebrating the unintentional and accidental aesthetic that can result from this emancipation. By activating sensory guides, we aren’t left with solely a visual experience. This may be where poetry and painting meet: sensible words themselves, just like realistic visual compositions, cannot encapsulate an entire experience. Eliminating or blurring the lines between tight renderings evoke sensibilities that cannot otherwise be communicated.

Matt Gonzalez for Juxtapoz Magazine



Oil on Canvas, 2022
48″ x 36″
Afternoon of Small Favors
Acrylic and Chalk Paint on Canvas, 2022
36″ x 36″


Whole Sky Arches Beneath
Acrylic on Canvas, 2022
24″ x 36″


Interior Geometries
Oil on Panel, 2021
12″ x 9″



Parable, Hope
Acrylic on Canvas, 2022
24″ x 24″



All the Things You Are (Jazz Pianist)
Oil on Canvas, 2020
14″ x 12″
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