The Matt Gonzalez Reader

first published inJuxtapoz, May 2, 2016



Review: Dave Eggers “IDAHO” @Jules Maeght Gallery, San Francisco

by Tamsin Smith & Matt Gonzalez

There are a few days left to see Dave Eggers’ new exhibition IDAHO at the Jules Maeght Gallery. Don’t miss it. Though primarily known as a writer and publisher, this show presents Eggers as the accomplished visual artist he is.

The show is immediately engaging. Visitors are greeted by a salon-style hanging of works that are rendered on paper and raw board. Simple animals drawn in black ink paired with ironic, contemplative quips abound. There is also a massive ridable pedicab bear, constructed with wood, foam, and faux fur, and mounted on three wheels, waiting to be taken for a spin in the urban wild. One need not be schooled in anything other than humor to feel welcome among Eggers’ menagerie. The…

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