by Tamsin Smith

under homespun cover
things not visible
impress the more
by their lack of need 
to merchandize the unexplored
regard the vast buttressed 
iridescent artistry 
of red abalone 
which occurs internally 
or at least within
his hinged shell of home
or hers whose domed contours
capture —what 
vast Sistine cravings
we can only guess
their baroque devotion
distilled to abstraction
sea\sky cloud\bed
ruffle-tongue leaning
to lobe\muscle
 (ergo: lingo
reserved for nacre\d confession) 
spiral-spoken supplications
—here is the chapel
—here the steeple
hearts hidden at the apex
of otherworldly sealings
fingers near-touching
in the beginning
we lit nights
end to end 
like chain smokers

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