Eros Epicentered

By Tamsin Smith

one sits

here on

window watch

where trumpet vines

offer water-witching

to eager wasps

divining then diving

body-rod into flared petal

bell-nectar bobbing

with immodest intention

(Oh) & how lovely to be so

literal speaking of nature

without rouging the mention

with circuitous reserve

and beveled indifference

for one loses

so much behind

the skirts of indefinite pronouns

— each, another, many, same —

pretending pleasure isn’t

an extractive industry


being an acquisitive word

ought also to mean

made mine

by act of drawing

desire ichor-dear

to telluric self-center

bellybutton bubbling

immodest emotion

intentional motion

oracle of the trembling peel

thyself laughter shaking

a known gibberish

(Oh) such classicism from the naked surfer girl

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